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Just as you lock your car and home, you need to protect your computers and networks.

Firewalls are these locks, and just like in the physical world, they come in different shapes and sizes to suit different needs.

Who are these “hackers” who are trying to break into your computer?

Most people imagine someone at a keyboard late at night, guessing passwords to steal confidential data from a computer system.

This type of attack does happen, but it makes up a very small portion of the total network attacks that occur.

Today, worms and viruses initiate the vast majority of attacks.

Worms and viruses generally find their targets randomly.

The average Internet-connected home or business is attacked dozens of times per day, and no police force is equipped to handle that volume of complaints.

Still others might be amassing hundreds or thousands of computers from which to launch a distributed attack against a single network on the Internet.

In the physical world, businesses rely on several layers of security.

Unfortunately, the state of networking today lacks these multiple levels of protection.

Federal and local governments do what they can to slow network crime, but they’re far from 100 percent effective.

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