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"As women, we have the benefit that men are not afraid of us," Steinberg said.

"You can be the leader." If the target briefly lifts his or her eyes up from his phone, take the chance to flash him or her a big and obvious smile.

If a woman's subway stop comes up too quickly, she would have already subconsciously indicated to the approaching person that she is interested by a warning such as "My stop is next," said Malov. And remember to keep trying even if you fail at first, said Trespico.

For years, when Allison, a freelance producer, told potential love interests she lived in Jersey City, NJ, she might as well have said she lived on Mars.

If the conversation warms up, the initiator can shift their body to face the crush. 5 Ideas for a Romantic Daytime Rendezvous ► Quiz: What Should You Do This Weekend?

A crazy person starts singing opera on the L [train]," said Trespicio — as fuel for an exchange. You never know how much time you have, so try to get past idle chitchat as soon as you can, Trespicio said.But Arthur Malov, a dating coach with New York Dating Coach.com, warns that the apps may actually be interfering with romance.“We find that Uber removed that gentlemanly element where you hail a cab for your date, maybe open the door for her,” he says."You want him to feel confident that if he started talking to you, you will engage with him," Steinberg said. Be More Interesting Than Whatever's on Their Phone — Art Malov, from New York Dating There isn't much else for straphangers to do other than fiddle with their phone or read a book.That means the person approaching is "playing catchup" for the attention of their target, according to Malov. ' on the subway, since it's not interesting and she doesn't know you," he said.“You could be out late, texting a guy, and he’ll be like, ‘Come over’ — and now you can,” says Izzy, who declined to use her last name for privacy reasons.

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