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Nick, I've abandoned attempting to contact the other expert witness referral organizations, not merely for torture purposes, but because no one else came close to the time and energy you've provided us to date. I'm having one of my best years ever, thanks to the last case I got from you, so I have complete confidence in your ability to bring me more business." Dr. Perlman Linguistics Expert June 18, 2011 "Nick and Barbara of have been fantastic.I have just renewed as I have gotten some solid business from my listing with them.I have found him to be consistently courteous and helpful, with excellent followup and he welcomes the additional business." Rose Mary A.Colorafi, MA, LMHC, NCC, CRC Career, Educational, and Mental Health Counselor New York City, NY (T) 646-732-3198 [email protected] October 14, 2009 "Within the first week of being posted on Experts.com, I received an inquiry for consultation and expert witness work, as well as a scheduled and completed interview for a web magazine on parenting.At Iam Naughty they make it possible for their users to arrange sex dates with no commitments in the future.

Rishwain & Rishwain, PC January 25, 2011 "MRK Medical Consultants listed our services with over a year ago.They will work with you and guide you to select the best categories for your areas of expertise.They answered all my questions when I first inquired about their service, and each person I talked to was warm, kind, helpful, and personable.The international reach and power of this website is phenomenal.Since many inquiries want to see your credentials, media exposure, and experience, posted my curriculum vitae, media resume, and media packet in my attached documents.The technical support that we received from their staff was extremely helpful, efficient and timely.

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