Wow warrior intimidating shout


If you want to maximize your damage, Power Word: Solace is a better option.If used on CD this talent represents the most overall DPS.Also great against a warriors Sharpen Blade, as the damage absorption is unaffected by the healing decrease.Moreover this gives you an additional casted spell school – if you get locked on Shadow, you can use Clarity to keep your team alive.This will make dispelling Do TS significantly stronger as there is less risk to your partner dying while you are suffering an Unstable Affliction silence.

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Clarity of Will allows you to stack shields on your teammates before engaging, giving you more upfront survivability.

Because it is so valuable as an offensive CD, Mindbender is the best talent on this tier.

Not only does it allow you to output decent DPS, but it also provides a small amount of healing through Atonement.

This talent allows you to keep your partners out of CC for as long as possible, something which is important for building tempo in arena.

Spiritual Cleansing is a good option when playing against mages in 2s.

Because your mobility will likely be limited against these teams, having additional HPS is important for your survivability while being trained. It reduces the CD of your fear by 30-seconds, allowing you to use it more frequently on enemy targets.

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