Witty online dating subject lines

And then as harsh as this may sound, more often than not its about pictures too. I've seen some profiles with just a few poorly written lines yet if they are hot/gorgeous looking, they will be on like 100 or so members favorited list. Sometimes I think the whole "favotites list" is like some sort pof popularity game ... * * Because they read the profile first and if they don't like the pic and/or the profile, why bother reading it.Some profiles can have the most articulate, well written lines yet if their pics aren't too eye catching .... I agree with the people that said put a shirt on unless you are trying to attract gay men.^^^Mandakay, to be fair, I think that he should use 3 in 1 oil. I just don't think the odds would be fair any other way. Don't you think that three of them to one of him would be about right?

Two dates where I was probably settling, compromising and giving in, just to go on dates. Not at all, they were perfectly normal, fine people, just not the match for me. It’s literally a 40 minute survey asking you the same question 37 different ways.

But then, you start realizing, wait a minute, no ones responding back to you.

But the new matches keep coming in, 7 a day, and you keep sending over your stage one questions, and you keep waiting for them to respond.

It's hard enough finding someone on here even when there is a responce but it's impossible when you all don't bother reading our mail in the first place. What should we write or not write in the Subject Line to avoid your Auto-Delete impulses? For that subject line thread, I try to come up with something relating to her profile, something that will stand out, but not too much, if you get what I mean. People that would delete without reading are just rude anyway so don't worry about them. Oh hey- just a tad off topic but if you think body part stuff is funny, type in nipple song in a search box online. Well, if they don't have interest in you, they simply don't have interest in you.

Before you get zapped, I'll tell you that I answer anything that is out of the ordinary.

I figured out that if I log in at am and do a new “Find New Matches” search I will get 7 new hand computer picked matches.

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