Windows xp not updating dst


Ever since the change, Windows XP has been randomly resetting its clock (as indicated via the Taskbar) to display time incorrectly.Specifically, Win XP will automatically (i.e., without user intervention) set the time to be one hour earlier than the actual time.Out of the box, XP and the new DST changes don’t get along.

This time zone update will also include changes for other related DST changes and time zone behavior and settings that will take place in 2007 or have taken place since these versions of Windows were originally released.A quick Google search reveals plenty of options, ranging in both price and functionality.Here are a few to get you started: If none of these solutions seem particularly inspiring, you may want to try manually tweaking Windows to correct the issue itself.My system clock on my XP system will not stay advanced 1 hour for Daylight Savings Time.After about 1 hour it will jump back to one hour earlier.When Congress makes changes to Daylight Saving Time, you can update your recorder by following the steps below.

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