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He is an American by his nationality and his ethnicity is white.

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Simply put, Ortiz was instrumental in helping drag MMA out of the dark ages and into the mainstream.We can say not as perfect as his professional career, his first spouse was Kristin, they married and lived in a conjugal relationship for 5 years. However, their relationship wasn't going well and they separated and divorce in the year 2003.After splitting from his ex-wife, he falls in love with a porn actress name Jenna Jameson, they lived happily together for seven years. Presently the lovely couple is not living together and separated by their relationships.He had a difficult childhood as both of his parents were addicted to heroin, while Ortiz was involved with street gangs, was placed in juvenile halls, and used drugs such as cocaine and PCP.He is the player who is dedicated, devoted and committed towards his game, talking about his early career and professional achievements, he is the man who was a professional and passionate about his career and dreams from the early phase of his life.In November 2005, it was announced by UFC president Dana White, that Ortiz and Ken Shamrock would coach The Ultimate Fighter 3 reality TV series on Spike TV, which premiered in April 2006.

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