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In "Tony", he convinces Anwar and Chris to join him on a "big gay night out" after his tap-dancing rehearsals, but due to its faliure, eventually goes to Abigail Stock's party, since Chris claims "It's a rich-kids' party, all the guys are gay!" While there, he and Anwar get into a brawl with several posh teenagers.At a very young age he has been able to leave a mark and his surprising acting has won millions of hearts all over the world.He has previously assured so much and it is really up to him whether he can apply the concluding touch to become a brilliant actor.He has worked very hard and his commitment has shocked people all over the world.He is a real talent and he will become one of the very top if he keeps on working this hard.His fans and followers follow him in Instagram account and also in twitter account. As he has gained much reputation within a very short period of time, he has number of fans following him in different social networking sites.More information about his presentation and all can be found in wiki. One can follow him in different social networking sites.

He is imaginary to have net worth of million dollars.He is a good-looking man and in near future he is going to become an attractive hunk.He is a brilliant boy and what he needs to do at the instant is just focus on his profession.He is something of a comedian, particularly with best friend Anwar Kharral.Although he takes issue with Anwar's anti- gay attitude (a product of his Islamic heritage) he is usually quicker to forgive his friends than most of the group- and he is usually more quickly forgiven by others.Eventually, Maxxie tries one more time to get Anwar to disregard his religion, but Anwar reluctantly refuses (despite acknowledging that he is a hypocrite), ending their friendship. Tony tries repeatedly to give oral sex to Maxxie, which Maxxie refuses until he is very drunk and distraught one night, only to inform Tony that he isn't very good at it - and with Tony's girlfriend Michelle having seen the whole thing.

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