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Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer admitted the bill being passed was a 'deeply disappointing result'.

'This bill is an affront to parliamentary democracy and a naked power grab by government ministers.

Another told her: ‘You voted to hand dictatorship like powers to the Tory government.

Caroline you should be utterly utterly ashamed of yourself.

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He was among seven Labour backbenchers who supported the EU Withdrawal Bill in a crucial Commons showdown in the early hours of this morning.

One Twitter user accused her of an ‘astounding betrayal of your party and the electorate’.

Many titles were published virtually simultaneously in two places, for example, London, and New York.

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He said he agreed with Labour criticism that the Bill represents a ‘power grab’. I voted in line with the 70-odd per cent vote of my constituents that expected me to vote that way.‘I have never ever changed my mind, unlike many people in the Labour Party who moved side to side.’Miss Flint declined to comment yesterday.

But she told MPs on Monday that they had a duty to pass the legislation following the result of last year’s referendum.

You voted with the Tories to give them powers to over-rule democracy.

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