Who is louis theroux dating

Justin's cousin is documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux.

Justin and Jennifer have been together since 2011, and got engaged in 2012.

Justin famously missed an audition to be on Friends with Jennifer after he overslept.

The women in the grip of the terrifying mental illness all reveal their battle to stay alive - while grappling with their desire to maintain a low weight - to the British documentary maker.

Meanwhile Janet, 63, has been battling the deadly disorder for more than 40 years and has developed a horrifying ability to make a single boiled sweet last her an entire week - all for fear she is eating too much.

Her restrictive diet means she will only eat a small, two-pence piece-sized cracker at a time, and as a 'treat' consumes a single piece of chocolate on the first day of each month.

We are two best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple, but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship."Like the statement, the pair's breakup seems to be an amicable decision.

Following the news of their separation, a source told ET that the split was a long time coming and that one of the major factors that played into Aniston and Theroux’s breakup was a fundamental disagreement about where the couple should live.

Rosie admits to a concerned Louis that she got a thrill out of not eating, adding that she was 'in denial' about how ill she really was, until eventually she could barely walk or stand.

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