Who is jeff fatt dating


He talks, has starred on television and has had to have a toe amputated. Hearing someone with a voice like his singing your song is pretty special,” Lachy says.The DVD features a variety of songs loosely based around a rock and roll theme: there’s songs about going to the library, eating broccoli and even coping with grief, which was inspired by the passing of Emma’s grandmother.“I’m particularly proud of this album,” Lachy says.I played before I started with the Wiggles but his rockabilly way of playing is something that I’ve never seen before.He’s got an incredible technique.”It seems that Lachy has also been learning about love in his time with The Wiggles, culminating in the recent announcement that he and Emma Watkins (the first female Wiggle) have been secretly dating for the past two years.“We spend so much time together…

When the much loved Jeff Fatt (the original purple wiggle) hung up his skivvy for the last time in 2012, it was the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts graduate, Lachy Gillespie, who sang and danced his way into the vacated seat in the big red car.

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One of the things I loved about him was that he was so responsive to what was happening around him.

He is hilarious and so good to watch.” In 2012, Lachy spent 12 months touring with Jeff and the original Wiggles cast, an experience he describes as “a great learning curve”.“I think what I took away from Jeff is to just completely be yourself on camera, to try to not overact but just respond to everything that’s happening in a really friendly and fun way, and be as happy as possible,” Lachy explains.“Jeff has also taught me so much on the piano over the past few years.

“The kids are saying our names now, and they love our new songs. “We love writing the songs and filming the DVDs but the best part of our job is getting on the road to perform in the live shows and meet all the children.

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