Who is emily blunt dating john krasinski

Want to feel as cool and in-the-known as John Krasinski for a second?

Okay, so he, and I, and you, and everyone else were all let in on the same secret at the same time: Before starring in the movie adaptation of the musical, , John Krasinski had no idea that his wife of seven years, Emily Blunt, could sing. So he, and I, and you, and everyone learned all at once that Blunt can belt it out, and chances are, upon learning this, you did not cry. Apparently, Blunt and Krasinski, who are a very private couple, even manage to keep things from one another. In a new cover story in about the soon-to-be Mary Poppins, Krasinski explains that when his wife first told him that she was going to be in a musical, he was worried. But all it took was one trip to the recording studio to have all his fears dispelled.

But do you know how many times he claims he's seen the 2006 movie?

"There was one day when it was on and I said it was so good and Emily said, 'Have you seen this movie?

"He said, 'You can always make a bad movie out of a good script but you can never make a good movie out of a bad script.' I really took that to heart.

He said, 'Whatever project you choose make sure you really believe in it and you have to be the right guy for the job.

"She opened the door and I flipped the channel and she looked at me like, 'Were you just watching porn? I think it was better for me at the time for her to think I was watching porn than watching tells the story of an aspiring comic book artist (Krasinski) who has to return to his small town after his mother (Margo Martindale) falls ill.

Anna Kendrick plays Krasinski's pregnant girlfriend with Richard Jenkins as his parents and Sharlto Copley as his deadbeat brother.

She has been nominated for Golden Globe and Critics Choice Awards many times for the movies like ‘Into the Wood’, ‘The Young Victoria’, and ‘Salmon Fishing in Yemen’.' I mean, I would say nine years is average for most people.I’m a son of two people who have been married for — man, is it going to be 45 years this year?He’s called her his “hero in every single way.” We could go on).Now, the former on-screen paper salesman is opening up about what “saved” his relationship with Blunt in the very beginning stages.

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