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Knight wrote this feature, which stars Matthew Mc Conaughey as a fishing boat captain whose mysterious past in the form of a glamorous woman played by Anne Hathaway crashes up against his simple life on a small Caribbean island and ensnares him in a new reality that might not be all that it seems.

IM Global financed and produced the feature and announced it at EFM last year January.

Married since 2012, the couple are excited for a new addition to their family, according to a source for E!

News who said, “Anne is in her second trimester and feeling great!

An angry Follieri repeatedly interrupted his lawyer at a court appearance to tell her what to say.

He shook his head at times and, as a prosecutor accused him of owing various debts, called out: "We paid that." Claims of Vatican connections Prosecutor Reed Michael Brodsky said Follieri boasted of tight Vatican connections to entice investors to give millions of dollars so he could "live the lifestyle of a multimillionaire." He said Follieri had duped one investor as recently as last month.

She noted that his mother was being treated at a hospital in Manhattan.

According to the FBI, Follieri claimed the Vatican had formally appointed him to manage its financial affairs and that he had met with the pope in person in Rome.

Anne Hathaway and husband Adam Shulman are reportedly expecting their first baby together.Earlier this month, the New York attorney general's office said it was investigating a foundation operated by Follieri that vaccinates children in Third World countries. Hathaway's publicist, Stephen Huvane, has previously stressed that she is not part of any probes and is no longer a board member of the Follieri Foundation.Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman leave Locanda Verde after having dinner on Monday (October 24) in New York City.Jason Clarke, Djimon Hounsou, Jeremy Strong, and Diane Lane also star. — An Italian ex-boyfriend of actress Anne Hathaway has been released from a Pennsylvania federal prison following a real-estate scam.Federal prosecutors said they have "overwhelming" evidence that he improperly spent up to million from investors, much of it on a lavish lifestyle, including privately chartered jet travel with his girlfriend and others, expensive meals and clothing and a posh Manhattan apartment.

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