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The 46-year-old actress was, according to reports in U. magazine the National Enquirer, devastated after the 34-year-old left her.

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Their 15-year relationship became public knowledge when the actress accepted an award in December 2007 and referred to Miss Bernard as 'my beautiful Cydney, who sticks with me through the rotten and the bliss.'However the couple then split last year.Many of the antics that go on here are a Google click away.These are the confirmed ones: Someone in Lindsay Lohan's party did jump from her second-floor room into the pool, paramedics did rush Courtney Love to the hospital, and someone was beat up after leaving producer Michael De Luca's party, but there's no consensus as to how far he was outside the hotel property.photo: Mark Savage SLUG: less Amanda Demme, in a private suite next to the pool and bar at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, August 12, 2005.In one photo, she is photographed conducting business on her cell phone in preparation for a party at ...Of course, in club years, that's another era; and Gerber has long since moved on to the W Hotel in Westwood, where he operates the Whiskey Blue bar.

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