Who david tennant dating

Tennant is almost 15 years her senior but her friends say that Moffett is more mature than her age, particularly as she is a single mother to six year old son Tyler.Jennie Fava Age: 27 Miss Fava is second assistant director on the latest series of Doctor Who, but also worked on shows such as Extras and The Chatterley Affari.Georgia was able to get over that, partly because she’s strong and courageous, and partly because she grew up around an actor who played The Doctor.They've been dating for a year and a half, but David Tennant and Georgia Moffett are keeping their romance alive with regular nights out.

Smiling giddily at each other as they left the first night of Speaking In Tongues at the Duke of York theatre in London, it appears the couple are still very much in the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

Miss Moffett’s father Peter Davison, in turn, had played the fifth Time Lord.

He said: ‘I suspect that, crucially, Georgia wasn’t overawed by David.

He told The Sun: 'Sitting down to write the final episode was very emotional and I admit I actually had a bit of a weep doing it.

There is pressure with every script, but I am really proud of the final episode.'The scribe promised a dark end to the show, but also a satisfying one which will wrap up the Broadchurch saga.

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