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We became friends because I could not keep myself from jumping in when the self-styled tough guys would gang up on Tony in groups of two and three. Your wife is lying, but no judge will call her on it.

Tony welcomed me to his modest Condo and we reminisced about our childhood. The first hearing was a week after the temporary order was signed, but nothing happened or changed. He had submitted lots of affidavits proving I was a good parent, better than my wife by far in fact, but there were no signs that anyone had read them. If they lift the restraint and something happens, the judge's ass gets burned.

She is a handsome rather than a pretty woman, her soft African features mixing beautifully with her sharp Norwegian bone structure. My daughter Margaret, or Maggie, was four and Shantel's son Eddy, or Edward, was eight. Mine still hurts even after more than twelve years. I never understood what she did other than go to work and look pretty. Homeless, I moved in with an old friend from the Brooklyn neighborhood where I grew up.

La Pera was the trendy new place where the young and not so young gathered to dance and pick up the opposite sex. I'm not a small guy at six foot three and two hundred plus. My looks in my younger days were pretty decent, I believe, but time has not been good to me. We were in La Pera, a fairly upscale dance club in the county center. ***** My wife Shantel was at the bar, perusing what was on offer in the way of male companionship. You have Vickie to thank once again for fixing my mistakes.Ours is an odd mix of urban and suburban community two steps away from the city.

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