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You’ll need to judge these things based on your son’s school situation, social activities, and the kinds of friends he spends time with.

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But here’s a little secret: I like those first three topics because they are pretty straight forward. If your son drives, will he be driving or who is it ok to drive with and how do you work all of that out? Is your son prepared to be physically involved with a girl?Maybe you can take the list above, (tailoring it how you think is best) and come up with where you stand on these issues.Next you’ll have to decide when is the best time to talk to your son about it, and how much to cover at once.We encourage questions because we believe that if it is truth, it will stand.Dave and I also try every day to live out our own faith in a genuine way.Is there someone you know that he can be completely honest with and he would go to as he makes decisions about these things in his life.

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