Virgo male dating scorpio female

After I apologized he came all the way to Connecticut from Pennsylvania to finally meet me face to face.

Mind you, he kept telling me he would take me out the entire 2 months of our communicating with each other, but once I mentioned that I believe he was still married and not fully divorced, he made a huge effort to meet me.

The compatibility horoscope endorses their union, but some possible problems in their relationship are still worth paying attention to.

Cancer man and Scorpio woman are honest and noble, they are notable for intelligence, imagination and extraordinary power of emotion.

Cancer man tends to be jealous of the Scorpio woman, with or without a reason.

But since he does not pick up a quarrel with her, his light jealousy only ignites the fervor of his lover to him and does not offend her.

They both have empathy because they subtly feel each other.

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They find it so easy together that having become acquainted, they will not notice how their first romantic dating will turn into a marriage bond.Only he knows how passionate and hot she is when left alone with him.This pair can succeed in any business, and art - where they can participate together in the process of creating a work of art.and all he said was"oh ok" and stopped speaking to me for two weeks.So, I kept my profile on the dating site and tried to carry on.

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