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Creating more avenues for showing will help films that upheld artistic and cultural values will to find more audience, which will help us in creating a new visual culture.I wholeheartedly support these efforts of the government.The bureaucracy and the secretariat are being cajoled into being more responsible and being people-centric and people-friendly in their work.Wish that Kerala government could be a role model for neighbouring states in many other fields.Cultural landscape got rejenuvated, which makes me personally happy. Wefare schemes implemented are a solace for laymen. Government has decided to give job to most deprived sections of scheduled tribes such as Adiya, Paniya and Kattunaykka sections through PSC.It can be seen as something which can bring basic changes in Tribal areas.The officers have taken the stand that no new trains originating from other Zonal Railways and ending in…

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The conscience of this government that arts and culture are integral for a progressive secular democratic politics deserves accolades.All our ATMs are enabled for Mobile Banking Registration.Branches are advised to Inform Customers & Increase Mobile Banking Registration Now IOB ATMs are enabled for Mobile Banking Registration.It is being felt that, on the 60th anniversary of the government of EMS, this government is leading efforts that gives hope to artists.Wishing the best for such endeavours of this government.This is a government that helped many poor artists.

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