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If a VAT number is shown as invalid, in the first instance check with your customer that the number quoted is correct (correct number of characters, correct length and country prefix).

If the number quoted by your customer, even after checking, continues to be ‘invalid’, you should ask that business to contact his/her tax administration to request that the data in the national VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) be updated (only national tax administrations can update VIES data).

Web Sphere V7.0 and Web Sphere V8.0 along with the underlying Java 6 used in Web Sphere V8.5 are going End Of Service in April 2018.

Q1 - What is VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) on-the-web? Q3 - Why do certain software suppliers ask for a VAT identification number when I purchase over the internet?

Attached you can find a list containing the web-links to the homepages of the national tax administrations that you can contact for correction It is necessary to ensure that the person you are supplying to in another Member State is a taxable person as this is one of the elements that define the correct VAT treatment.

All taxable persons have the obligation to inform their tax administration that they perform VAT taxable transactions; in exchange, tax administration provides them with a unique VAT number.

Q9 - Do I need a valid VAT number for my recapitulative statement? Q11 - Is it possible to know the algorithms used by Member States in the construction of their VAT identification numbers?

Q12 - What do I have to do if my own VAT number appears as invalid?

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