Validating soap message

Q17 - Is it possible to have the name and/or the address linked to a VAT number?

Q18 - Is it possible to have an open interface to the Commission's web site?

If the customer does not have a valid VAT number, then the supplier will charge VAT.

For additional information, please see VAT on e-commerce (FAQ).

Start with the Web Sphere Migration Knowledge Collection for migration assistance.

Q12 - What do I have to do if my own VAT number appears as invalid?Should you find out that your business’ data are incorrect or not up to date, you should contact your own tax administration and ask for it to be corrected.Please note that some EU tax administrations will require you to submit such requests in writing or by completing a form.Attached you can find a list containing the web-links to the homepages of the national tax administrations that you can contact for correction It is necessary to ensure that the person you are supplying to in another Member State is a taxable person as this is one of the elements that define the correct VAT treatment.All taxable persons have the obligation to inform their tax administration that they perform VAT taxable transactions; in exchange, tax administration provides them with a unique VAT number.

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