Validating number in asp net


The main advantage is that it prevents a page from being postback to the server until the client validation is executed successfully. Server validation will only performed when Cause Validation is set to true. You can have a Required Field Validator control for each form element on which you wish to enforce Mandatory Field rule.For developer point of view serve side is preferable because it will not fail, it is not dependent on browser and scripting language. NET validation, which will ensure client, and server validation. When the value of the Causes Validation property is set to true, you can also use the Validation Group property to specify the name of the validation group for which the Button control causes validation. Compare Validator Control The Compare Validator control allows you to make comparison to compare data entered in an input control with a constant value or a value in a different control.Both server side and client side validation can be used for total solution. NET has provided an additional control that complements the validator controls.The Validation Summary control is reporting control, which is used by the other validation controls on a page.The following table summarizes the commonly used syntax constructs for regular expressions: The Custom Validator control allows writing application specific custom validation routines for both the client side and the server side validation.

NET, we are fortunate to have Form Validation controls which do an excellent job for us.

This is what your Validation Expression property should look like: Copy and paste this string into the Validation Expression property of your Regular Expression Validator control. ” to the end of the string (without the quotes) that Microsoft provided for us.

My example allows a user to enter a phone number with an extension formatted as: (770)123-4567 x1234.

So how did I figure out what characters to use to create this validation string? Check out or search for this excellent tutorial on Microsoft’s MSDN site: Regular Expressions in ASP.

The validation control classes are inherited from the Base Validator class hence they inherit its properties and methods.

The Custom Validator Control can be used on client side and server side.

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