Updating with global variable in autosys


The interesting part is the method that broadcasts the necessary message. This according to the Win API help should be used when you want to broadcast a message to everything in the system. Whenever I read stuff on Win API lots of things seem to be taken for granted,so if this next bit seems obvious to you bear with me.The type of lparam and wparam when you write then in Delphi is an Integer.However this is not really an integer, but a pointer to a memory address.Since Pointers and Integers are the same size and can be typecast to represent each other, this is how this works.CCASYS is a system file used in conjunction with Dictionary/204 and the Subsystem Management facility (SUBSYSMGMT).It contains the procedure names, file names, and parameters that create a subsystem definition.

I achieve this by retrieving the pointer to the first char in the buf Array, which is essentially the pointer to the string.

I could have written a batch file and spawned it as a separate process to set the path.

However, not surprisingly, and due to the fact Im developing on Windows 2000, I really wanted a nice programming solution. I read about Set Environment Variable and its related functions.

However, if you try any executable(REGEDIT.exe, for example) which is in the Path but not in the current directory, the OS reports that the command is not recognized but should be. Follow this to observe the problem: run Change Env Path.

Now if you open System Properties to change Path, and go back to Command Line, everything will be OK. Exe, first press "Get Path" button, make a small change and press "Set...

Statistics associated with CCASYS processing are written to the CCAAUDIT system file and can be viewed from a terminal or printed to an audit trail.

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