Updating sourcemod

/** * Forces your plugin to be checked for updates. This should be used * to free read-only resources that require write access for your update.The behaviour * of the update is dependant on the server's configuration. * * @note On Plugin Updated will be called later during the same frame.

updating sourcemod-3updating sourcemod-64updating sourcemod-64

- Fixed error log ordering potentially affecting downloads. I made this because that plugin had bugs piling up and it wasn't being maintained.This is needed if the update is executed by root and the srcds doesn't run as root.Sets an alternative name for the addons/sourcemod directory.Rainbowize | Custom Chat Colors | Price Check SMAC Auto Demo | Steam Rep Checker | Unrestricted FOV Bot Manager | HTTP Text MOTD | Player Analytics Website | More Colors | More Plugins | Donate In the future I'm planning on adding support for users themselves vetoing the update (users type !postponeupdate, and as long as a good enough percentage, set via cvar, types it, it'll get postponed just as an admin typed it).This plugin also lets the user to choose which extension they want to use (some had crashing issues with Sockets).

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