Updating play tv software


Launch the default web browser by selecting it from the "Start," "All Applications" pop-up menu.

Go to the website of the manufacturer of your LCD TV. Select the name and model number of the LCD TV from the drop-down menus below the "Download firmware" tab on the web page that appears.

Live TV also has a now and next bar enabling users to scroll through live TV and see what is on other channels and what is coming on next.

Guide (Electronic Program Guide): Play TV allows users to set recordings and change channel from the Guide; also selectable is a Favourites guide which is a list of a user's favourite programmes.

Flat-panel televisions can be updated without the need for a trip to the factory or service from a company technician.

A similar accessory known as Torne was made available in March 2010 available in Japan for use with their ISDB-T broadcast system.

It allows the PS3 to act as an HDTV or DTV receiver as well as a digital video recorder (DVR) for recording television programmes to the hard drive for later viewing.

The application will only start up with the DVB-T adaptor connected.

The Guide shows a full description of all programmes.

While setting recordings, users can set whether they would like to repeat the recordings daily or weekly for up to 26 times but lacks Series Link.

A further update was announced on 2 April 2009 that will include new volume and search controls, upscaling of standard definition (SD) content and faster access to TV shows from the XMB menu system.

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