Updating navigation in 2016 mercedes reconsolidating a student loan

It is very likely that you will corrupt your in-dashboard navigation system and will need to pay for a repair job.

With that in mind you should always take the official route and pay the relatively cheap and best price Mercedes Navigation DVDs which you can buy online using our adverts and links.

Firstly these kind of websites are known to carry viruses and could infect your PC when you download the DVD or CD.

The USB are "masters" for the dealers and will be used over and over again. safety, but everyone has a smartphone these days and nothing stops you from trying to enter an address into your smartphone while driving (which is far more unsafe in my opinion). Should they have updated the maps before I took delivery of the car? Speak with Parts Manager, dealer should have USB map update part # BQ6460336 that should have been received 12/22/2015.

In addition to the USB an activation pin is needed that the dealer will generate. In any case, I used the Bimmerguru download to unlock my ability to enter addresses in motion (as well as USB Video Playback) and simply waiting to see if it is compatible with the new 5.1 version before I get the update. Also, I saw the question asked earlier, but not sure if it was answered - do the 2014s get free map updates? MY15 customers receive up to 6 map updates free of charge (max. I am still hoping to get answers to my two other questions - should a CPO vehicle have come with updated maps and (2) what's a reasonable price for labor for the update.

In addition to the USB an activation pin is needed that the dealer will generate. So, you may want to let your dealer know you want the update so they order the USB drive.

For vehicles with COMAND in the USA the update is included free for 3 years as of MY15. I asked parts about the maps and he said they just released the updates (December 2015). He just called me back and as it turns out, the updates are now on a USB stick. But, they are waiting for the USB drives to arrive and he will call me. Note I do not know if the free part is a perk the local dealer is doing or a Mercedes policy (I suspect the latter).

Whichever model and year of Mercedes you own, you will be able to find a new Mercedes Navigation DVD update.

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