Updating magellan roadmate 1200 north america Chat live onlinesex


I have a 1412 that has always used maps on the SD card, so I don't have a way to compare processing speed wit those that have it on internal memory.

I can say that it has always worked fine with the maps stored on the SD.

He responded, "It's really big." Magellan customer support has been useless.

He responded, "It's really big." 2009 Spring Map is about 1.58 GB and comes on a 2 GB SD Card.

I asked about where to place custom POIs if the SD card is used for the map files.

He told me the SD card cannot be used for POI files. I have custom POIs on my SD card, so I know he is wrong.

They really need to drop the prices on these map updates.

-- Garmin Nuvi, 750 I have posted the following as a Magellan support submission because I feel that I have lost part of my feature capabilities on my Maestro 5310. Assumed when purchased that info on SD card would be transferred to unit.

However, instructions require removing existing SD card and inserting map update permanently.

2009 Spring Map Update is available for following units: * Magellan Maestro 3200 * Magellan Maestro 3210 * Magellan Maestro 3220 - North America * Magellan Maestro 3225 - North America * Magellan Maestro 3250 - North America * Magellan Maestro 4200 North America * Magellan Maestro 4210 North America * Magellan Maestro 4250 North America * Magellan Maestro 5310 - North America Magellan will be launching new software updates for the following 2009 Spring Map Update compatible Magellan devices soon.

If your device is listed, please check back on the date provided to download the latest software update.

Why can't you just copy the map files from the SD card over to internal memory and continue to use the SD card for custom POIs, keeping the previous file?

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