Updating globe lights


But I was almost out of my ORB spray paint so I wanted to make sure it had a dark base.When the parts were dry to the touch (about an hour later), I installed it inside: The chandelier we’ve had in here has looked odd to me since we started the transition to a library instead of a dining room.I stared at them constantly, trying to figure out what to do.They flickered long after they were turned on, and then eventually decided to not turn on for the first 10 minutes after flipping the switch. I didn't really care for the look, so I decided to build something about the same size as the old light fixture, so we wouldn't have to do too much ceiling repair. These are 1x2's for trim, and you want them sticking out on the underside to hide all the wiring and sit flush to the ceiling. You can see where we put the ceiling attachment and flipped the part that will attach to the globe right under it.

The longer runtime and greater efficiency equal more energy savings and lower maintenance costs over time. I’m back with a project that I let sit around for nearly two years. I think the main reason I let it sit so long was the work that I knew would go into transforming it. :) But I wanted it to stand out more and I knew a darker color would make that happen.It’s been moved around the house – the garage for a while, then it’s future home (the dining room/library) for the past year or so. And the brass looked fine in some areas and horrible in others, so it needed to be covered.: Eventually I may get something else (I’ve had my eye on another light for a long time now) but for now the one that’s been laying around for years works GREAT.:) I won’t do anything until we get the furniture for this space anyway. I found this light fixture at the Habitat Restore almost two years ago, even before I finished up the bookcases in the dining room: It was and I loved the shape so I snagged it up! But the dark color I had was dried as hard as a rock, I couldn’t get any out of the tube. I did consider just leaving it – the brass didn’t horrify me.

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