Updating contacts on blackberry storm


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Note: You cannot create the subfolder once you’ve started the import wizard so if you want to, you’ll have to click cancel to exit the wizard then right click on your Contacts Folder and select “New Folder” and name it “z-Contacts” or “Fake Entries” then restart from step one: That should be it now, you’ll be present with the final screen of the wizard where you can choose to map custom fields.

Originally this was necessary but I’ve since added a header row to vants CSV file so the Wizard picks the right fields for Name and Phone number automatically, just click Finish.

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Recently I configured my i Phone to sync contacts with my Exchange server at work and this PUSHed another 2500 contacts onto my i Phone and suddenly all my contacts appeared on the i Drive.

I suggested to others this might be because I had multiple address books on my i Phone but this theory was soon disproved, I then suggested that it might be because I had a high number of contacts on the i Phone keeping which may change a timeout option somewhere on the i Phone or i Drive.

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[Thanks to Rajesh and vants for their help with this!Ever since Apple brought out i Phone 2.0 software many of us found that the i Phone contacts that used to appear on the BMW i Drive or BMW radio display suddenly disappeared.Since i Phone2.0 we all waited patiently for a fix from Apple, 2.01 and 2.02 failed to deliver but hopes were high when reports that 2.1 fixed a similar problem with Chrysler u Connect systems but again no change for BMW drivers.You can now jump past the lengthy Windows Instructions to read what to do next..Its a little trickier for you guys, it seems it’s not as easy to simply import 2000 contacts from one v Card download, so instead you need to download the following CSV file: DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS USERS – 2000 Fake Contacts for Windows Users Once you have downloaded the CSV file in Outlook click on File from the top menu and select “Import & Export” Then select “Import from another program or file” Then select “Comma Separated Values (DOS)” On the next screen click Browse and navigate to where ever you saved the CSV file to (in my case it’s on my Desktop) Leave the option to allow duplicates and click next Select a destination for all your contacts, in general this will be your Contacts folder but if you want to you can create a sub-folder in contacts called “z Contacts” or “Fake Entires” and save them in there for neatness but this is not a necessity and has no influence on whether the fix will work or not.Now go to your i Drive (or prof radio if you don’t have i Drive) and select info sources/settings and find the bluetooth page (it differs depending on software version, etc but I’m sure you know where it is) and delete any pairings for any phones you have in there to be safe.

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