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Looking at the current technology options for creating a custom uploader leaves a lot to sift through.

With that said, I think a Flash Uploader sets itself apart by allowing customizable user interfaces that work well on any platform which supports the Flash player.

Notice we are setting the width and the height to 100%.

As stated early, this makes our layout change with the resizing of the browser.

Websites like Youtube and Flickr have had a great deal of success by primarily focusing on user-generated content.

Because so many people are uploading media, making the process as easy as possible makes the most sense.

Having a base set of common components at your disposal greatly decrease your development time, allowing you to get your product to market faster.

Visit the Abode Flex developer Center to get your feet wet: simplicity, I’ve decided to add some inline styling elements here rather than in a stylesheet.Our Application tag sets the layout, and some padding.This UI will be completely liquid, which will allow for the window resizing without a significant impact on the Flex application. The Panel provides a nice delineation of controls that relate to one another.In this article, we saw how to take advantages of this class and its methods and properties to manage a collection of strings.As the Internet integrates itself more and more into our daily lives, we see the popularity of electronic media spread like a virus.There are several resources available on the web to help get you started on your own applications.

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