Updating a gold frame on llne dating


I find these all the time and they've almost become staples in the booths and shows where I sell from because they are simple to update...Back in the days before Chalk Paint, I used to tape off the mirror and spray the frames with flat/matte spray paint and lightly distress, but Chalk Paint now makes it much easier to add depth through multiple layers of color and wet sanding (distressing with damp cloth), which was more difficult with spray paint.We still read and reply to comments even though this post is over a year old.

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Popular painting frames are gold frames, silver frames and plein air frames.

I thought I'd share a few simple techniques if you want to get this look yourself...

I picked these frames up at an auction recently and decided to paint each one a little differently for the booth.

You may recall my Florence French Chair in which I toned down with a white glaze...

One of the, shall we say, special aspects of our master bedroom were the gold-framed, sliding, mirrored closet doors.

All the accessories in my bathroom are brass (its brass, not gold). I've updated all the brass doorknobs, kickplates on both front, &back doors, light fixtures, drawer pulls, etc it all has turned out fabulous and I did it all by spray painting!!! I took 90% rubbing alcohol and rubbed the brass trim, and now I'm folding a load of laundry and reloading washer&dryer and will go in for the gold trim kill next!!! It really depends on what your are painting and how much wear and water it has to handle. Filled the screw holes with a GOOD caulk and I am good to go Well that wasn't nearly a pain in my brass as I thought it might be! Sprayed my first coat waited 30min then sprayed my 2nd coat.

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