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I uninstalled all copies of the flash player and restalled version 12 from the website but sill got the same message.

I went to the website and used the troubleshooting for windows but to no avail.

However, if you prefer, you can adjust the browser settings to hide this sidebar and navigate using traditional menus and toolbars.

You can also pin app shortcuts that open email services and chat windows so you don’t have to open the programs separately.

The browser has a sidebar where you can pin shortcuts to your favorite websites as well as frequently used settings menus, so you can just click to quickly open them.However, many sites, especially old, outdated pages, block Opera entirely, which means you may not be able to access some webpages when you use this browser.Opera’s address bar doubles as a search bar, so you don’t have to navigate to a search engine to make a query."��������� � ������������� �������� ��� ������� � ������ ������ � ��������������, ������� ��������� ���������� ������� ��������� �������. �� �����, ����� ������, ������������, �������������, ������ � ������� ������ ���������� � ��������." ! It runs on the Google Chromium system, meaning it uses the base, open-source program of Google Chrome but tweaks it a bit to add its own features.

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