Tusshar kapoor dating

Rohit Shetty almost finalised Genelia D’souza for the role, but when she backed out he approached Prachi.It is during the filming of the movie that Rohit and Prachi are said to have become close to each other.Running of Fineness and Economics in Mumbai, Singh realised that understanding a break in the achieve industry was not at all back, as it was mostly hide with a film nature who got these operations.Tusshar Kapoor programs has online dating sent message with phone number like up this agency in the fastidious roles but he forestall that he is so passing and will never tactical to favor conduct greater as arranged.She saw that opportunity with Rohit Shetty and decided to play along to his romantic antics to gain his trust and companionship.Well, as we saw, that doesn’t seem to have gone well and last we heard is the Rohit Shetty is back to making his pot-boilers, while Prachi is back to focusing on her film career.

It is said they were quite upset with their daughter’s relationship with Rohit Shetty.

The critic Sukanya Verma found Kapoor to be miscast as a village boy in the film, but noted that he was "never short of spontaneity and youthful exuberance".

But at the same time at one of the shows Tusshar Kapoor unveiled that he and Radhika Apte are more than friends and this help out this actress to grab up with some publicity in the media coverage.

This had apparently left the crew quite shocked since Rohit Shetty was very much married and had two kids already, and in spite of that Rohit had no hesitations in wooing the young actress.

Also, another known information was that Rohit Shetty was having a troubled marriage for quite some time and that could have triggered his desire to date Ms. Once the filming of the movie was done and the crew returned to Mumbai, Rohit Shetty is said to have spared no time in packing his bags and moving-in with Prachi Desai, leaving his wife and two kids alone.

Not much is known as to what happened but it is believed Prachi had become tired of being Ekta’s arm candy and wanted to have an independent identity of her own.

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