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You take relationships seriously and always give your bae the benefit of the doubt.

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That's all about to change in 2016, when you'll learn that not every potential love interest is going to hurt you.

This year, since you'll be busier than ever, you'll only have time to focus on the people (and crushes! And when someone special finally catches your eye, you're bound to analyze every little detail about them.

If you're in a relationship: You love to shower bae with attention — like sending good-luck texts before they take a test and dreaming up the perfect birthday present — but in 2016, remember to take time for yourself, too.

but remember that you deserve to be on the back-burner.

Take a step back to determine if your bae brings the same passion, energy, and effort to your relationship that you do.

Lucky you — you're usually pretty confident around your crush. Someone who can't keep up with your work ethic at the library or your energy in gym class.

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