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In the chapter finale, after Jen K's article in the student newspaper exposing the Greeks causes a national representative of ZBZ, Tagen, to visit the house, Frannie insists that the best defense is to lie.

However, Casey is worried that the house might be shut down, so she confesses to Tagen about the role the sorority had in the article.

Frannie is removed as President, and Casey is appointed as interim in her place.

In retaliation, Frannie convinces Evan that Casey is only with him for his social standing, and he breaks up with her.

Could it be that things are actually beginning to happen on MURDER IN THE FIRST?

There were still a few frustrating storylines—Lieutenant Koto is now sleeping with that random reporter Serena (Tiffany Dupont) who’s been popping up each episode without really contributing to the plot and the police chase down two leads that just fizzle out—but hopefully this arrest will get the ball rolling and cause some much needed excitement and drama.

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And Mario seemed to have a sincere, honest moment with his son.In episode 15, Casey finds out about a past kind act of Frannie in her freshman year, which persuades her to reinstate Frannie at ZBZ.In the season finale, while at Myrtle Beach, Evan is drawn to Frannie At the beginning of the Chapter, Evan and Frannie have started dating, and Frannie tries to find a way to tell Casey.This week, he’s hit with a million lawsuit from the family of the woman he killed.After complaining about it to his lawyer, he finally seems to take it seriously.The police arrest Andy Lippman, Alicia’s lawyer/ex-lover for the Normandy Parker murder, as they find a gun registered to him underneath her bed that ballistics confirms was the murder weapon.

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