The dating game walkthrough


Tell the fox that you'll let him go for now, and you'll receive a [FULL PLATE ARMOR].

You can't equip it, so put it in the bag you're carrying.

He asks Torneko if he wants to starts a shop here in Endor.

Tell him that this is indeed what you want to do, and let him start considering the whole thing.

Once you and the boulder are in the safe room, the gate will shut itself. Note that it won't work anymore after Chapter III, though. In the drawers of the house in the northwestern end of the village are some useless [BOXER SHORTS]. In the same house, talk to the man dressed in purple, and tell him you’re lost. The | ITEM CHECKLIST | innkeeper's drawer has a [LEATHER SHIELD] | | in it.

Examine the safe to get the [STEEL STRONGBOX], then push your boulder on the space that the safe was standing. Before we go to the next part of the storyline, make sure you stop in your hometown to heal (by sleeping with your lovely wife! Go south from your hometown now, and you’ll find a village in the woods. When he asks if you feel like spending the night, say that you want to. Use the armor shop's back entrance | Leather Shield........[ ] | now to find a [SEED OF LIFE] in a barrel | Seed of Life..........[ ] | behind the counter.

It's all pretty old-school though, so people that have been following the series up through the years should be pleased. That's really nice, but I'm bound to make errors here and there, and I'd absolutely love you if you would take some minutes and tell me about those errors in mail or on messenger. When i write guides, I usually concentrate mainly on getting people through the main game, and while doing that, I also list items that can be found hidden in various places. | B | Alright, now you can press the switch you passed a second | | ago. Run south from the boulder, head | | | east at the first fork, then go west when the path splits | | | again. The boulder | 4 | 2 | will now fall into the gap south of its original location, | | | making a bridge.

If you've got information that you think others could find useful, please don't hesitate getting in touch either. That's what those item checklists that appear everywhere in the main walkthrough are for. If I went too fast there, and the | | | explanation is hard to follow, look at the ASCII drawing | | just right of this paragraph.

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Sell all the junk that monsters might have dropped when you fought them, then go and see the king inside the castle.The prince begs Torneko to come meet him outside the castle at midnight. Now that you know this, visit the dungeon using the stairway in the northern part of the castle. Make sure the two guards don't see you (just walk behind their backs), and talk to the man who's trapped in the eastmost cell. Remember that the prince asked you to meet him at night? Head out to the world map, and fight monsters until it's dark. The prince is waiting patiently for you behind the weapons shop, in the absolute northeastern end of town. Wonderful~ Now is a good time to go sleep at the local inn, and afterwards save in the chapel accessible just east of the castle's main entrance. We're going to check up on that guy we gave the Chimaera Wing to last night, remember. Talk to him, and tell him | | that the only thing you want from him, is | Full Plate Armor......[ ] | to borrow his dog!He says he's the son of an old man in Torneko's home village, and begs for a Chimaera Wing. Talk to his excellency to find out that he needs you do deliver a letter from him to the Princess of Endor. The man agrees, and Fido | Royal Scroll..........[ ] | starts following you around. He's also a o-----------------------------o very useful creature, and you WILL need him if you want to make further progress.You know, the one you fought for in the gladiator tourney. To do that, go back to the village in the woods southeast of Lakanaba.You know, the village that vanished after you went to sleep there some time ago. | | | | | | | | | | |__________________________| | _. | | | If you're really not patient enough to | - Go out to the world map and | wait for the guy that sells the Cautery | fight monsters now. As you've o---------------------------------o probably guessed already, you should go in there right away.

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