Tall women and dating


The easiest thing to do is not mention height at all.

She is used to all the jokes, enquiries and quips about shoe size and basketball teams. If you are going to mention it then make it brief and make the point that you have no issue with it.

Like, I have terrible posture and back problems from it, and honestly it only probably makes me look worse.

But there are times when you just want to look less intimidating/"manly," and that feels like the most efficient way to do it.

Frankly if this is you, I think you should get over it.

The purpose of dating is to make romantic connections.

Then they become waify model types, which is perceived as the highest level of female beauty.But given that a tall woman is likely to be insecure about her body make sure she feels good about herself by complimenting her on her appearance.Safe bets are her hair, her smile or what she is wearing.Many men have a hang up when it comes to the thought of dating tall women.They worry about what people think and are afraid to break the perceived social norm of the man always being the taller one in the relationship.The thing is that some men actually prefer tall women or are especially attracted to tall women. They know the societal expectation more than anyone else.

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