Survival guide for dating a medical student


Keep in mind how much you’ll earn during the year when determining what kind of apartment you can afford.

With taxes and bills, most graduate students need to share apartments.

One way to do this is to find a neighborhood you like, go around to each building and write down the owner/management’s name and phone number, and then call them all. Also be sure to tell them you are a graduate student.

By avoiding the realtor middleman, you might save a whole month’s rent (the fee). There are many more students than apartments, so if you can secure an apartment you like, and if you can afford the deposit, then it might be worth taking a gamble that you can fill the extra rooms. But there are some very bad ones who will try to coerce you into renting an apartment you don’t want. Most realtors will show graduate students and professionals better places.

Special thanks to Lore Pittman for compiling updated figures.

To help you make a smooth transition to graduate studies at Boston University, the graduate students of two organizations (GSO and SAGE) have co-authored this basic survival guide.

It contains basic information on topics such as housing, transportation, personal financial services, financial aid, and health care, compiled for grad students by grad students. As you survive (and hopefully thrive) at BU, please remember this guide and make note of things you would have liked to have known.

Please feel free to pass along comments and suggestions to help us improve this guide. You may wish to contact your fellow graduate students for further advice.

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Price varies by area, but here are some example price ranges: · Studio Apartments 0–50 · 1 Bedroom Apartments 00 – 00 · 2 Bedroom Apartments 00 – 00 · 3 Bedroom Apartments 00 – 00 · 4 Bedroom Apartments 0 – 0 per bedroom Rents usually change up to 10% from year to year.

The Office of Residence Life will provide a job description and application.

Note that some fellowship contracts restrict outside employment (contact your department office to see if your fellowship is restrictive).

If you are an engineering student, you can contact SAGE (Student Association of Graduate Engineers) via email [email protected], or on the web at

Throughout the academic year, both SAGE and GSO sponsor a number of social activities designed to mix and mingle graduate students.

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