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However, if you are looking for an alternative on similar lines, we, at Buzzle, have compiled a list of 10 great Omegle alternatives. Chatting on random chatting websites can be risky, as more often than not you will face perverts.

If you are looking for just clean chatting, most of these sites could be a disappointment.

If you find it too slow or are bored of it, look no further, as we have some cool alternatives for you.

To describe this site, it is 100% free and super fun.

By taking some precautions, staying aware and communicating with your children, you’ll be able to put your mind at ease and allow your kids the freedom they need to grow, explore, learn and have fun.

Omegle is an awesome site if you love chatting with strangers.

When you send your child out into the world, you try to keep him or her safe from predators.

The same is true online: just as a child can fall prey to a real-life predator, he or she can be victimized by an online stranger looking to prey on unsuspecting youths.

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It is one of the most successful and popular sites, but has got some drawbacks as well.It is advisable to check these sites only if you are an adult.Nowadays, chatting with random strangers has become a trend.A study from Cox Communications found that 69% of teens regularly receive personal messages online from strangers.Many parents may be unaware of this because only 21% of teens who receive messages from strangers tell a trusted adult.You can create your own virtual chat room in any category.

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