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Because I’ve always suspected, but after last night I know for sure: there is absolutely nothing better than girls who like girls who like books.

Next week, Tuesday, December 16th, 7pm at the Strand bookstore in NYC, Speed Dating with Gabby and Phoenix.

Not only was there a “decent turnout” — so many of you showed up that we ran out of chairs! I should never have questioned you and your desire to find love and friendship amongst other girls who like girls who like books.

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No one complained, and the late start just meant everyone had time to drink a little extra wine and get a little more comfy Gabby and Carly led everyone in so many great activities.

Come down on Tuesday and do the damn thing with us. Note: Cool fkn prizes will be given away so brush up on your Autostraddle trivia. ‘Tis the season to have a blast with some queers and find someone new to read graphic novels with while watching Love Actually and smoking some firme bud by the fire.

For twenty bucks, you will get FREE WINE and FREE SNACKS. Phoenix, the boi formerly known as Katrina, and I have hosted Speed Dating at the Strand for the last two years, before that I hosted with the great DJ Carlytron.

Carly played a really excellent Beyonce-heavy playlist, and as I flitted around the room trying not to awkwardly interrupt anyone’s potential love connection, I heard so many happy things!

People talked about if they were dog people or cat people, what their deal breakers in relationships are (“You cannot be an ignorant bigot who refuses to educate yourself” — sounds super reasonable, I am on board with this deal breaker), and how they discovered Autostraddle.

If you live in New York and think this sounds magical, I promise you it was, and I hope you’ll consider coming next time (because yes, we are aiming for there to be a next time!

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