Straight man dating a lesbian


I was on my way to Jake’s house for a sex date - my first sex date with a straight cis-man* after nine years of dating cis-women. We swap stories of nerve-wracking penis-pleasing attempts, of heartbreaking rejection by former queer lovers, and of the struggle to maintain a queer identity alongside a penis-and-vagina sex life. Once you can see the penis as a big clit, and the shaft as reorganized labia, it all makes sense. Then I remember that dildos don’t care whether the person using them is a man, woman, or machine. Just because you’re having “straight sex” doesn’t mean the sex you’re having needs to be heteronormative, traditional, or gender-role defined. The thing about bisexual queerness is that it’s often socially determined by the body parts and gender identity of your partner. No matter who you date, half of your sexual identity is invisible. If your queer community is backing away, if you’re questioning your identity, and even when you’re about to give that first blow-job, just remember - us queer folk were built to break the mold and be brave, no matter who ends up in our bed.

Despite all of this, perhaps our beautiful wedding-on-a-boat had just been a way to try to resuscitate a dying relationship. And some whose idea of a good time was – yes – watching TV and drinking beer. Most were thrilled for me, although a few were not.

And this time, I was dressing for not for the men or women in my life.

I traveled alone to Hawaii, taking myself on a divorce honeymoon, drinking a small bottle of champagne on the plane and walking alone for five hours across a volcano.

A second chapter to update readers about open stories, something new coming soon, and some hot story excerpts you may have missed.

LUSTY LISA 1 and 2 in full are part of the excerpts, so enjoy and let me know what you think.

Part of me is still worried he might be forming a romantic attachment.

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