Stages of christian dating bay area dating sevices

Stage 2: Building By making it to Stage 2, you have developed a deep physical attraction to the other person, fuelled by neuro-chemicals called ‘Monoamines’ including Dopamine, which is also activated by Class A drugs, and Adrenalin).

These literally get our hearts racing and produce Serotonin, the happiness chemical.

In these booklets, then, one must learn to look for the Christology of each Evangelist.

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’, Stage 3 looks at ‘is this the right relationship for me?

It was found that in male voles (yes voles), vasopressin helps keep the mate close and the competition far away- vasopressin activates bonding centres in your brain, making you feel attached and protective.

NB – life events such as having a baby can put you back to Stage 3, while rekindling the passion (Date Nights, etc) can help you revisit Stage 1.

Is the person spending enough time with me, and is this what I really want?

Stage 4: Honesty Following on from the practicalities of Stage 3, Stage 4 is where the games finally end and you show each other the real you – your vulnerabilities that you hide from the world, and reveal yourself ‘warts and all’.

These drive you to want to find out everything about the person, and this where you match your feelings to the facts about the person and find out who they really are by filling in their ‘life CV’.

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