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You might want to move a VM if, for example, a new region or zone becomes available that would give you better performance, or if a zone becomes deprecated.The Compute Engine documentation contains detailed instructions about how to move your VM to another zone.Stopping a VM causes Compute Engine to send the ACPI power-off signal to the VM instance.After it is stopped, you are not billed for the VM instance.Pay careful attention to the preparation steps, such as flushing the disk buffers to disk, to make sure that the snapshot is consistent.To clone your SAP Net Weaver system on GCP, follow the standard SAP export-import procedure: When you followed the SAP Net Weaver on GCP Deployment Guide, you should have created one or more images at the end of the deployment steps.

This guide does not cover the specifics of managing the SAP Net Weaver product.For more information about using SAP ASE, see SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise.For more information about using IBM Db2 with SAP, see SAP on IBM Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows.For an overview of Cloud IAM in Compute Engine, see Access Control Options.From time to time, you will want to add or remove team members from your project or change their permission levels.For VM instances in your SAP Net Weaver implementation, it is important that you do not disable the following features: You can stop one or multiple SAP Net Weaver hosts at any time; stopping a VM instance shuts down the instance.

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