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Trans Canada is building on existing capabilities with development of a new pipeline risk assessment system to identify and prioritize segments on the 38,000 km system that will require particular attention for condition monitoring and mitigation.

The system wide risk-based system incorporates a data storage and maintenance asset, tools for risk analysis, as well as tools to view, summarize and learn from the data, including a geographical information system. Risk is a function of the probability and consequence of an event that negatively impacts pipeline operations.

At the tie-in point the transmission line temperature was 3°C.

Safely welding on the pipeline under these conditions was a considerable technical challenge.

Chevron Canada Resources recently completed a hot tap on the Simonette high-pressure sour gas transmission line near Grande Prairie, Alberta.

The hot tap was required to bring on new production into the Simonette pipeline without shutting in existing production.

In retrospect, this strong history of success is chiefly due to thorough and logical planning and choice selection in all aspects of company endeavors.

In order to quantify risk, it is important to have a thorough method of evaluating the probability and severity of the incident.In addition, hydrogen charging of the steel from operation in sour service can lead to hydrogen embrittlement during welding.Ludwig & Associates developed the hot tap weld procedure and extensively tested the procedure to ensure that suitable weld microhardness was achievable under pipeline operating conditions.At Tiffany, we honor lasting love and commitment in all its forms and celebrate the strength, passion and joy that are the foundation of true connection. Discover the couples featured in our newest Love & Engagement campaign. Discover the couples featured in our newest Love & Engagement campaign.1999 marks an important anniversary for Enbridge Pipelines Inc. S.-based affiliate, the Lakehead Pipe Line Company Ltd.: for 50 years we have been the primary link between the large oil production areas of western Canada and major market hubs in the U. At Enbridge, as in countless other firms in a wide-range of industries, decision making was often the product of expert consensus and years of solid experience in dealing with similar situations.The hot tap was completed under full line pressure and gas/condenstate flow during the winter with temperatures averaging −20°C. 359 Cat II pipeline is 9930 k Pa and the line operates at 8200 k Pa.

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