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He wrote about having fun with nightshift telegraph operators, some of whom were MIT students with whom he boarded "who paraded their knowledge rather freely and it was my delight to go up to the second-hand book stores on Cornhill (then between Tremont and Court Streets) and study up questions which I might spring on them when I got an occasion." There are countless stories about how he'd challenge his employees especially those in the lab whom he called "muckers" with a healthy, fun, competitive spirit.

If you could read only one book about Thomas Alva Edison, there is no better source than Edison, A Life of Invention by Paul Israel published in 1998.

Edison never challenged anyone with an attitude that he was more intelligent or better educated.

Although he had little formal education, Tom respected educators and 'the educated'.

You folks certainly came through with your part of the "bargain." I would certainly like to try it again.

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This Edison web page has a decidedly different Bostonian slant.

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His is an exciting story, a great American tale that includes a variety of personal challenges and achievements.

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