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) there were more men than girls, so the boys would be expected to spend time at the bar in between dates.

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A guy’s earnings have never really been a big deal, because I’m quite happy to support myself.Everyone in attendance had to earn over £35k a year.Which arguably isn’t a particularly ‘elite’ sum in London?And even meant our fourth datee friend commented ‘I’m taking my badge off now, because I don’t want these men knowing my name!’ A comment which has earned her the nickname ‘Miss Nameless’!The epitome of my speed dating experiences to date, a rather overweight, pasty man, with thick glasses and a cold, limp, clammy handshake, spent four painfully awkward minutes alternating long periods of silence with the following three answers. ’ (I know, DUUUUULLL question, but I wasn’t really trying overly hard after the handshake! By the end of my 14 dates, my face literally ached from fake smiling.

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