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Or she doesn’t text him, and he doesn’t text her, and they never figure out if they hated each other or if they were both just bluffing. The study did isolate some characteristics, beyond gender that could point to a person's compatibility with another texter.

IPhone users are more likely to ask out a person via text than Android users.

Ik ben gelukkig getrouwd en toch mis ik soms de spanning in mijn huwelijk. Hij wilde dat ik mijn klit hard vingerde alsof mijn leven er vanaf hing. Ik zag hoe een schaduw vanachter de muur naar me toe liep.

Ik ga dan naar parenclubs waar ze allemaal spannende hoekjes hebben. Ik werd ontzettend geil en aan zijn stem te horen werd ook hij steeds geiler. Hij deed mijn benen uit elkaar en stak zo die harde lul bij me naar binnen.

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Bekijk alle tiener meisjes snel en laat je pik een stukje groter worden van misschien wel je buurmeisje.

According to the study, the majority of single men and women are also in agreement that “texting has made dating more ambiguous.” The old courtship model—where the man pursues until the woman fends him off or acquiesces—is dead (and good riddance), but a new romantic script has failed to emerge. Under the gender-essentialist model, the man would text a woman; the woman would field the advance, and the man would keep texting until she either agreed to a date or blocked his number with the phone company.

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“We’re all hyper-connected online and yet we’re fundamentally disconnected.” That gender essentialism may help sell books on how to decipher the behaviors of the “opposite” sex, but this is 2013—nobody buys books anymore.(The study isn’t explicitly hetero-only, but most questions are framed in those terms.) Among the findings: About a third of single people think “it’s less intimidating” to ask someone out via text message.(No gender difference.) Forty-six percent of singles get annoyed by a dating prospect who texts too frequently.Android users are a little more likely to view the who-texts-first issue as gender-neutral, and they’re also more comfortable with significant others looking through their phones.The study also unearthed some regional differences in texting behavior: People in the Northeast tap their phones harder than people in the West do.

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