Simon cowell sinitta dating


After she told viewers that her history of five marriages tended to put off prospective partners, she said she hoped that she could get at least half an hour into the blind date before the “penny drops”.

“It was a long time ago when we were both young,” the 49-year-old “Cross My Broken Heart” singer said in an emotional interview with London’s The Sun.David admitted to Heat it was hard for the four judges to have personal conversations on the show sometimes, as the cameras are always filming. You can have a nice gossip while you're getting your make-up done or something, and suddenly you notice the camera trained on you."The other day, someone asked me, ' David, do you think you'll ever get married again?If we know anything about Sinitta, it's that she likes to make a statement.Surely we all remember the fact that she wore nothing but leaves a few years ago on the X Factor at Judges Houses - perhaps she's working on something restaurant-themed for her date? Celebrity First Dates was back on Thursday evening and it saw famous faces Sinitta, Roman Kemp and Matt Terry search for love. ‘It’s an ongoing battle, because someone keeps changing it – so we have to log on again and change it almost every day.’ While it’s not clear whether Sinitta was aware of the age blunder or whether it was down to the producers, we’re still none the wiser as to how old the star actually is…

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