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Like children, and you know, everybody in Israel knows somebody who's died.

and I think that, you know, I grew up in America, I've been here since the age of five, but I just always had that attitude of "wow, things can be so much worse" and I had a sad childhood. But I was always thinking it could have been bet... And I feared things, but when you're not so close to it, and you look at it from up above, I know so many other people who are suffering far worse, so for me to complain, it wasn't gonna happen.

And I remember being at Cherry Hill West, and people used to say, you know, I was in ninth grade, and I was always a big girl, a chubby girl with a big mouth.

I have had a series of relationships with a series of men who were unkind. I can draw parallels between all the men I have dated, and in the end the one thing that ties them all together, is that I probably loved them more than they loved me.

Siggy Flicker, Relationship Expert and Author of "Write Your Own Fairytale," gives honest and empowering advice on how to be the best you in a relationship.

She called to wish me a Happy New Year and see how the holidays were. I came to New York six years ago, but I love being outdoors and being active. Siggy: You're going to be shocked, but I think you should move. Carly: I'm at the point where I'm thinking about moving. Other people might not understand, but it doesn't matter. I am not sure why it has been this way, but I want very much to change the pattern. One is with a man I met on, and the other one is with a man I have dated in the past.Wanting something however, is not enough to make it happen. Maybe if I date a different kind of man, I will have a different result. I have written about him here of course, but I won’t mention who it is because I’m feeling unsure about it and perhaps a little embarrassed to be going backwards.

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