Seznam dating

He wanted to create web pages for Jara Cimrman, but was prohibited from doing so by the phenomenon’s authors.

So he made a catalogue of the best Czech web pages to visit (at that time there were only a few).

Another big new service was, offering the possibility of advertising houses and flats for sale as well as to rent.

The next year, a service for online car sales was introduced.

By 2010, 5,000,000 people (almost the entire Czech Internet population) were visiting the homepage at least once a month.The former blog became a respected news portal with its own editorial office, from Borgis Publishing House, in 2003.In 2004, the revenues of grew to 500 million Czech crowns and the number of users using services provided by grew to 3 million a month.In 2012, income from search advertising, i.e., from the Sklik advertising system, again showed the greatest growth.2013 The major new site launched this year was the job portal Volnámí, replacing Sprá, which was discontinued.was transformed into an internet TV channel that only broadcasts its own material and aims to be simple and quick to use. In the first quarter, cross-country skiing routes appeared on the maps for the first time.

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