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They generated extensive, negative publicity for ACORN, and led to the U. Census Bureau and the IRS ending their contracts with ACORN, the U. Congress suspending its funding, Hannah Giles (born March 15, 1989) is an American conservative activist.Her father is a conservative Christian pastor, Doug Giles.Giles dressed as a prostitute, while O'Keefe wore white khakis with a blue dress shirt and/or tie and claimed to be her boyfriend.that included the use of underage girls in the sex trade.On January 26, 2010, O'Keefe was arrested with three colleagues, including Robert Flanagan, the son of the acting U. Attorney of the Eastern District of Louisiana, and initially charged with a federal felony for attempting to maliciously interfere with the office telephone system of U. Senator Mary Landrieu and to tape conversations of her and her staff.

At the time, Giles was studying journalism at Florida International get a tin and bury it down in there and you put the money right in and you put grass over it and you don't tell a single soul." When discussing getting a house and Giles' earnings, O'Keefe says that Giles is very honest and an ACORN counselor replies, "honest is not going to get you the house that is why you probably been denied cause you probably going in saying." In the San Bernardino office, ACORN employee Tresa Kaelke told O'Keefe and Giles they could classify the underage brothel as a "group home" to avoid detection; she suggested the pair "invest in a line of vitamins" to disguise the location's true purpose.Office supervisor Christina Spach said Kaelke "pretended to cooperate with O'Keefe and Giles because she feared for her safety." Kaelke responded to the pair's requests for help setting up a child-prostitution ring on the video by claiming to be an ex-prostitute and exclaiming, "Heidi Fleiss is my hero!Welcome to Cartoon Porno – a place where you will find only the best of the best cartoon sex videos!Whether you are a lonely otaku looking for hot hentai videos, or just a cartoon lover that gets off on watching drawn and animated characters fuck, then this website is perfect for you!Right here, you will find tons upon tons of hardcore cartoon videos, sorted nicely and neatly into categories for your very own viewing pleasure.

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